Tuesday, 17 August 2010

'See, what people don't understand is that we choose to live like... free... free... free people'

Since Harmony Korine is probably the preferred film-maker of fuck-ups the world over, I think it's appropriate that the first post on this blog should turn to his latest offering, Trash Humpers. Cinema showings over here were pretty few and far between during its UK theatrical release a couple of months ago (local example: a single screening at the Showroom in Sheffield) but the film is due to see a UK DVD release on the 20th of September. Korine describes it as 'a new kind of horror; palpable and raw'. Watching the trailer and a few scraps floating about online, it looks like he might have abandoned the bitter-sweet optimism (and conventional narrative) of 2007's Mister Lonely. This one's about hillbillies in Bo Selecta masks fucking bags of rubbish. And drooling over obese hookers. And stuff. Wouldn't be surprised if some kid turns up to drown a kittie before the end credits roll, like in 1997's Gummo, because it seems Korine hasn't lost his appetite for pissing people off. After eight years in the wilderness, two burned down houses and one lost masterpiece (which, if you believe what you read, is pretty much how Korine's life went between 1999's Julien Donkey-Boy and Mister Lonely), I guess you can't stay chipper forever.

Anyway, in honour of the lo-fi and distinctly anti-digital stylings of Trash Humpers, The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds are showing the film 'on various old school VCR's and tv's, and also on a big screen and through gig PA to provide a unique full effect audio', with a band playing afterwards. Here's the link. The event is on Tue 31st August and me and my mate Pete are dead excited about it. If you watch the trailer below, you'll get excited too. Promise.

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